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Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to refill floor mopping system bottles - and a recipe

If you use a Swiffer or Ready Mop or Store Brand mopping system you know how expensive the bottles of solution can be. I have a Swiffer and I buy solution only when I have coupons and can find good deals. I frequently run out of the official stuff before a good deal comes along so I decided to find a way to refill the bottles.

Removing the cap is not just as simple as unscrewing it, because the manufacturers don't want to make it that easy, but it is possible. There are two ways that I have found to get the cap off. The best way is to run the top of the bottle under hot water then pop the lid off, you may need something to pry it off for the first time. You can also use pliers to unscrew it you just have to squeeze hard.
Refill it with cleaning solution, insert back into mop and start cleaning.
Oh yeah…. I also just use a kitchen rag to mop with rather than buying the pads all the time.
Make your own multipurpose cleaner (Great for floors).

1 pint soap flakes
6 cups hot water
4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil (I like orange, lemon, thyme or cinnamon the best)

Slowly dissolve soap flakes into water, stirring well. Once soap is completely dissolved, use a spoon to remove any suds that formed on the top. Add pine oil slowly, stirring continuously as its added. Stir until completely blended.
To use, dilute with water. For areas with more bacteria (ie. toilets), use at full strength.
To store, ensure jar or container is sealed tightly.


Heidi said...

I've also heard of just drilling a hole in the bottom of the bottle (which is actually on top when you're using the mop), filling it up, then sealing it with some kind of tape or something.

Deann H said...

I make a mark down the lid and bottle with a sharpie, then saw the locking part of the lid off with a steak knife. Then when you screw the lid back on, you can line it up with the sharpie mark, and insert it back onto the pins in the swiffer. If there are extra holes in that silicone or whatever seal the pins go in, it will leak!

Kira said...

Thank you so much for this post!!!! I tried it last night and I was able to get off! I used Lysol (diluted) because I didn't have any soap flakes.
Also, I use a microfiber mop pad from another mopping system and just wash it everytime :)


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