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Monday, May 17, 2010

4 Tips for Having Fun While Saving Money

Saving money is not always easy, but of course it can be beneficial and fun. I have some simple steps I have found to stretch your budget AND have fun.

#1: Relax. Don't count each penny you save and worry about how much you save. Does it really matter if this week you saved $1.92 compared to $1.93 on a meal. Yes, every penny matters, but sometimes the amount is so minimal its not crucial. I find this especially true when shopping with coupons, I used to beat myself up if I forgot to had the cashier a coupon. My daughter once dropped a yogurt coupon on the floor and it went under a shelf where I couldn't get it. I started to freak out!! Then I realized .25 wasn't worth the stress and likely humiliation of having a hissy fit in the middle of Walmart.....

#2: Budget. Always good advice, sometimes harder to do. This is a rough one for my husband and I. We are learning (after 15 years of marriage) that we need to work together more and not have our own agendas.

#3: Make saving money detective work. If you look at it as money saved as a found treasure, you will find the process exciting! There's always a new way to save you have yet to discover. Search for it.

#4: Involve your kids in saving. Play games with them that shows them how to use money wisely. We have a board game called Shopping Spree that my daughter loves to play. Another way is to help them earn money save you money by encouraging them to cut coupons. I have heard of families that give the kids a percentage of how much money you save when you use the coupons they cut at the grocery store. For our family I just emphasize that when we save money we have more left over for the fun things. My daughter loves to help organize the coupons.

For me Pinching Your Pennies is a hobby. It's not a chore, it's just what we do in our house. It's very exciting too!


AC's said...

Ok! This cracks me up! I just barely started 'couponing' a month ago and I need to remember that it is a hobby. Last week I misplaced a coupon before I got to the register. I seriously was holding back tears...NOT right!! I really needed to read this and take a step back into reality!

Jenifer said...

Thanks for this! Saving money and couponing is my passion.. I know weird but very true. It is the best hobby ever Because then it affords my family the opportunity to do those things that we love to do.
I think my girls (12,10, 6 and 18 months) have been trained well. When they go to the store with me the first question they ask is not "I want that" but its "mom, do you have a coupon for this???"


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