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Friday, May 28, 2010

Back to the Basics -- Multiple Copies of the Newspaper

The good old Sunday newspaper. The Sunday newspaper is probably the best place to get coupons. The SmartSource inserts and Proctor & Gamble Brand Saver inserts are found in the Sunday newspapers. The P&G insert comes typically the 1st week of the month.

Before subscribing to the paper you should check out all the papers that are available in your area and that have the coupon inserts. See who has the best deal for receiving a few copies of the Sunday paper.

Why should I get more than one copy of the paper? So you can have more than one of each coupon. To build a good stockpile or for food storage purposes you really need to have more than one set of inserts. I get 5 copies of the Sunday paper delivered to my house.

Some weeks have better coupons than others. When it’s good it’s good! It’s almost like gold! These are the weeks when I am especially grateful for my multiple copies!

Another option is getting one copy delivered to your house and then if there are good coupons you can run to the store to buy more newspapers. This option works - but it isn’t always convenient because you may have to drive around to several locations to find them.

Trade with someone from another state. Coupons offered in one area may not be offered in another state. If you have a friend that lives in another state maybe you can work out a deal to trade inserts from time to time.

Ask your neighbors, co-workers, family members. If you know that your neighbors get the newspaper ask them if they use the coupons. Can you believe that some people don’t? CRAZY! Anyway, I bet they will give you’re their coupons!

Keep your eye open in public places, people may leave their papers that they are done with
and your can find inserts there. Pinching Your Pennies does not condone stealing!

Pinching Your Pennies has a Trading Post where people can trade coupons. Make sure to read to rules because we don’t allow selling of coupons.



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