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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Walgreens: Another Stellar week!

This is week is a little tricky so remember these rules: 1) You can’t use a Register Reward to pay for an item from the same company or another register reward wont print. 2) You can’t use more coupons then items, so when you plan on using a register reward and a coupon on 1 item put in a cheap filler.

Transaction #1
Buy: Oral-B Advantage 1-2-3 Toothbrush (P&G) $2.99
And Robitussin 2pk (Wyeth) $2.49
Use: Oral B Advantage 1-2-3 Toothbrush .75/1 in P&G 9/27
Pay: $4.74 + tax
Get: $5.50 in register rewards ($3 from Oral-B, $2.50 from Robitussin)

Transaction #2
Buy: Vaseline Sheer infusion Lotion (Uilever) $6.99
And Halls Refresh Sugar Free (Cadbury Adams) $1
And $0.01 filler if using $1 halls coupon
And a total of 2 fillers because you cant have more couopns/RR then items
Use: $1.50/1 HERE
And Halls $1/1 single bag Halls refresh single bag (11/7/09) SS- 9/27/09 (ID) or Halls Refresh hard candy, any single bag .75/1 (11-7-09) SS-9/27 (UT)
Use RR: $5.50 from transaction #1
Pay: $0.24 - $0.0 + tax
Get: $8 in Register Rewards ($7 from Vaseline, $1 from Halls)

Transaction #3
Buy: Emergen-C 2pk Booster (alcer): $3.49
And Gillette Fusion MVP Manual or Power Razor system (P&G) $8.99
And 1 Filler
Use: Gillette Fusion Razor, any $4/1 (10-31-09) PG-9/27
Use RR: $8 from transaction #2
Pay: $0.48 + tax
Get: $9.50 in Register Rewards ($6 from Gillette, $3.50 from Emergen-C)

Transaction #4
Buy: Dentex Dental Care, floss 55yrds, or 35 pk floss picks (dentex)$2.00
And Chapstick Fresh Effects (Wyeth) $2.99
Use: $1/1 Floss picks HERE
Use RR: $3.50 from Transaction #3 (Splurge, use that $6 RR from transaction #3 on something else you need or save it for next weeks. Pat yourself on the back you just made $6!)
Pay: $0.49 + tax
Get: $5 in register rewards ($2 from Dentex, $3 from Chapstick)

Then start back at Transaction #1 and repeat! Most Walgreens limit RR items to 1 per day per customer so I go back everyday and do the transactions above!

Total Out of Pocket: $5.68+ tax and you still leave with $11 in Register rewards!!


Unknown said...

You Rock!!!
Maybe a stupid question but I'm new at this...what's a filler? I.E. a pack of gum??

Unknown said...

Thats a great example, I try and grab the cheapest thing possible. Some stores have pencils for $0.09.

Nicole said...

I am not sure Walgreens is worth the hassle. At the Provo Walgreens yesterday, they wouldn't let you buy more than 1 of anything. I understand only getting the RR once, but I should be able to buy more than one without getting the RR if I want! I also had a problem with the Reeses 55 cents off coupon. They wouldn't take it since it was more than the product. I asked them to adjust it down and they said they couldn't do that, corporate policy. Anyone else feeling like Walgreens isn't worth the headache?


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