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Friday, September 4, 2009

Smith’s Launches Cash Back Rewards Card for Utah Shoppers

Rewards Points Turn to Cash and Pay Customers to Shop at Smith’s

Smith’s Food & Drug has created yet another way for customers to enjoy saving money while they shop by using Smith’s “second generation” loyalty card, the new fresh values rewards card.

When using the new rewards card customers earn one point for each dollar spent in the store *. Customers receive $5 for earning 500 points and $1 for each additional 100 points accumulated (up to $250 per quarter). Rewards card certificates spend like cash in Smith’s stores and will be mailed to customers in November, then again in February, May, and August.

Although both cards may be used, customers are encouraged to replace their Fresh Values card with the “new generation” fresh values rewards card to receive even greater benefits through rewards points. Both cards offer yellow tag savings, special coupon mailings, fuel discounts and lost key return. But in addition, the rewards card users will receive the quarterly discount certificates for redemption off their entire shopping order. Rewards card points will also be issued for bag reuse, for filling a qualifying prescription, and for future bonus opportunities.

Customers will be asked by greeters and Smith’s checkers to upgrade their current Fresh Values card to the rewards card beginning September 9th and will receive bonus sign-up points through September 26.

* The Smith’s rewards card will accumulate points in every department except fuel, prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, products associated with services or fees and any products prohibited by law.

See this link for more information.


LeMira said...

Really? I just barely signed up for a Fresh Values card last week, and no one said anything. . .

Queen Karana said...

I got my new card yesterday and they told me that I would also get 50 points for each prescription that I got filled there... unless I was on medicaid or medicare... apparently they can't offer it because it's illegal on those plans. But otherwise, it's a nice bonus. :)

The Bradfields said...

Come on what about IDAHO!?


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