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Monday, September 28, 2009

Four 11*14 Inch Prints--4.00 SHIPPED!

I'm crazy for decorating with photos, so I think this is a smoking hot deal. It's only for the first thousand who get over there, though, so head over now!

  1. Go to Register if you need to.
  2. Upload the four photos you'd like to have printed, or just order four copies of the same photo if you're planning Christmas presents for family members.
  3. Select the 11*14 print size.
  4. On the checkout page, enter code POSTERSALE to have the entire cost of your order, including shipping, dropped to 3.99.
Enjoy this deal! I think it's picture perfect. *Cheesy laughing soundtrack*


Chantie said...

I just ordered mine--thanks for the heads-up on this sweet deal!

Lana said...

Thank you!!

Heidi said...

You're welcome! Hope it helps y'all. Wish I could do it more than once!

Michelle said...

Google artscow reviews....I'm not sure I'd order from them based on some of the stuff I read. Based in Hong Kong, bad customer service, poor quality prints, shipping that takes forever. It seems that in this case it might be one of those too good to be true situations!

PYP said...

PYP members have been ordering from Artscow for months, and there have been very few complaints.
Good luck!

Heidi said...

Michelle, it's very wise of you to research the material before you order. Props and kudos!

As for myself, I'm okay with the slower shipping times, particularly when I'm ordering a bargain item for use in a (usually much later) gift or for decorating, for which there's not a huge rush. I like Artscow. I hope everyone else who uses this deal is also pleased with what they get.

Katie said...

Buyer beware on this one! I ordered from them, only got half of my order and their customer service is EXTREMELY difficult to get a hold of. They are based in Hong Kong. I ended up having my credit card file a report and thankfully I got half of my money back. I really would be weary of doing anything with ArtsCow - even if it is a good deal. You get what you pay for.


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