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Monday, September 21, 2009

Huggies Deal at Rite Aid

If you are needing to get more diapers this week, Rite Aid might be the place to do it! By combining the Huggies rebate and available coupons, you can get a Jumbo package of diapers for about $1.75 each! Here is how to do it:

Purchase 3 Jumbo packages of Huggies diapers for $33
  • Use 2 of these $2/1 printables HERE
  • Use another Huggies coupon from a mailer (I have several $1.50/1 ones)
  • Use THIS $5/$20 coupon (Requires you to watch videos and earn points before printing.)

Pay $22.50 plus tax out of pocket. Then....

  • Submit for your $10 SCR online
  • Get $5 back from Gift of Savings promo (it automatically submits for this when you enter your receipt info)
  • Submit for .75 rebate on each package from Caregivers Marketplace (note that this rebate is not good for Huggies Pure and Natural. Make sure the UPC's match on their website to make sure you get the rebate!)
  • FINAL PRICE: $5.25 for all three packages of diapers, which is only $1.75 each!

Now, if you choose to buy Huggies Pure and Natural and use those $3/1 coupons from the mailers instead of what I suggested at the beginning, you can.....just know you cannot submit for the Caregivers Marketplace rebate. If you do this then your total would be $4 for all three packages of diapers, and only $1.33 each after rebates!


Emily said...

What is the $5/25 coupon and where do I find it?! I want to go pick up some diapers today!

Amy said...

Where's the $5/25 coupon? You forgot to put the link. :)

Amy said...

Sorry--what's a $10 SCR online? How do I do that?

Marne said...

Sorry brain is failing. :) I just posted the link back in the post.

Amy, you can submit for Rite Aid's rebate program online. It's called Single Check Rebates (SCR). Here is the link to sign up for the rebate program:

Matt and Anna Hone said...


I would also like to know where the $5/25 coupon is. Thanks!

PYP said...

The $5/$20 link has been added to the post. :o)

Marne said...

I posted the link to the $5/25 coupon in the original post. You have to watch a short video clip to access the coupon to print.

Amy said...

Thank you!!!

Jennifer said...

When does this deal end?

meredithryan said...

I did the video thing and got the coupon only to find out there are no Rite Aid stores in Arizona! Oops...I would be happy to mail my coupon to someone who could use it. Contact me at

Unknown said...

Ok, so I have tried multiple times to watch the "short video" to get the $5 coupon, but it seems that you have to watch about 15-20 short videos. Each time I've tried this it doesn't allow me to register--for no explicable reason, and after I've watched about 14 videos and earned about 17 points (of the 20 needed) my internet explorer freezes. UUGH! Is there some other "short video" I can watch to get the coupon?

Marne said...

The deal ends Saturday!

Lory said...

Can I use
$5/$25 at RiteAid +
$5/$20 +
3/$2 off Huggies
to purchase 3 jumbo bags of diapers?

PYP said...

Lory, you can't use the $5/$25 and the $5/$20 together. You can use one or the other, plus the $3/2 Huggies coupon.


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