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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Valassis pulling all RedPlum inserts from Utah newspapers!

Grocery coupons found in newspaper inserts have become an important money saving tool for Utah consumers. Many Utah families are surviving these tough economic times because of increased coupon use. In August, Utah consumers will lose half of these coupons when Red Plum coupon insert distribution is discontinued in the Utah market. Valassis Communications, publisher of the Red Plum coupon insert, has opted to distribute the coupons by mail. The problem for Utah consumers is that the direct mailing will be in targeted areas only. There are many coupon users who do not live in these targeted areas and will not be receiving the coupons. These mailings will also be limited to one insert per household. Many coupon shoppers currently purchase more than one Sunday newspaper to obtain more than one copy of the money saving coupon inserts. This provides Utah consumers with increased purchasing power and an effective way to combat the economic stress.

Join us in telling Valassis Communications "Don't cut my coupons!"

Spread the word about this story! Get your friends and family involved. Forward the link to this page, blog about it, post it on your Facebook profile, Tweet it, whatever it takes to get the word out. We can make a difference and keep our coupons. Consumer influence has worked in other coupon markets. Let Valassis know that we don't want them to cut our coupons! On, you can contact companies that advertise with Valassis and let them know that you are not happy about this change. We've made a list of advertisers to make it easier for everyone to express their opinion.

Visit us at and make your voice heard!

Also, please sign our Online Petition against this action!


PeteS said...

Hey for all you Daily Herald subscirbers this apparently does not apply to you. I had to go in to pick up my sunday papers and so I asked them about it, and they said everyone but the Daily Herald was losing their red plum. Good news for Daily Herald I suppose. Anyway, this doesn't mean we should sign the petition and help our neighbors out.. :)

Nate & Emily said...

Hey, has anyone on PYP contacted Albertsons. This will greatly affect their sales. They would be a great one to petition the loss.

Unknown said...

The mailer containing grocery ads had a notice that the Redplum coupons will now be in the mail not the Sunday paper...don't throw out the junk mail before filtering it!

Amy said...

Any update on our voices being heard? I am so sad about this. I have a family of eight and have several papers. This is a big blow.


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