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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Have you got your Screaming Penny?

Have you got your Screaming Penny today? Make sure you don't miss any of the hottest deals online. We link to a copy of the most current Screaming Penny from our blog. Look in the top left corner of the blog page for the link. You can see a copy of the latest Screaming Penny here:


Mindy & Steve said...

I just saw the one for food g.c. discounts. . . . . . is this really valid?! Has anyone tried this? I could get coupons to a local restaurant for $2 for a $25 g.c?

MOM said...

Yes, it DOES work....but beware that there is a minimum purchase other words, my $25 gc is only good on a $50 purchase. Rather than a gift card, it should be called a gift coupon! Still, 50%is a great deal! Go with another couple, use the same ticket and use your gift card....tee hee...

MOM said...

Yes, it DOES work, but be aware that there is a minimum purchase required...such as $25 gc is good only on a $50 purchase. They should call it a gift coupon! Still a 50% savings is a great deal......go with another couple, put it on 1 tab, the pay with your gc!!!


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