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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Gorgeous Digi-Scrapping Mega Freebie and a Fabulous Digi-Scrapping Sale

I guess by now it's no secret that I adore frugal digital scrapbooking and love collecting gorgeous freebies from the web. This one blew my socks off to such an extent that I thought it deserved blog space.

Now through the rest of the month, Divine Digital is giving away kits and mini-kits in a Bella Rustica theme. Each freebie is only available for a day, so if you like what you see above, go get today's freebie now. Make sure you bookmark the page to return each day 'til the end of July to collect other elements in this drop-dead gorgeous theme.

Another great deal that you might consider if you're just starting digital scrapbooking is Royanna Fritschmann's Buy My Store sale. (Fritschmann is the designer whose work you see featured in this post.) For 25.00, you get a three-time use coupon code which will make every Fritschmann product in your basket free. Essentially, you can buy and download her four-thousand dollar inventory of kits, overlays, edges, textures, mats, wraps, etc. for twenty-five bucks. I loved this deal.


kathyw said...

This is great! I've been wanting to get into digital scrapbooking for a while now and this seems to be my wake up call! Just a question for you-what program do you use to do your digi-scrapping?


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