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Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Target Toy Clearance time!

Check your Target stores! Most clearance toys will be marked down to 75% off the regular price today. They go fast, so hurry!

Some examples:
Cabbage Patch dolls $6.24
Leapster system $12.48
Leapfrog Didg system $17.XX
Leapster games $6.24
Cinderella Barbie $3.24
Baby Alive $6.XX
Thomas Suspension Bridge-$12
Geotrax train $12.XX
Lego Crane set-$12
Thomas light and sound train $2.48
Geotrax sets $6-$12
Imaginex Dinos $4
Boggle $3
Dominoes, chess checkers-$3
Science magic kits - circuit boards etc... $5
Tonka wheel ride ons $9
Lego Bionicle- big ships etc $12 reg $60
Twin talking babies-$9
slinky dogs $3.24 each
Aquadoodle $6.24
Vtech motion games $6.22
Bejeweled for pluggin into the TV $4.94
Barbie Fake camera $2.48
3 piece mini music set $2.48
Little tikes Zoo motion cube $4.48
Leapster Puzzles $1.24
Tonka Chuck & Friends $1.48
Magnext 50 piece sets $3.24
HSM Purse & Make-up Set $3.XX
Wild Planet Hyperjump Game $3.72
Imaginext Island of Lost Creatures Gorilla $4.24
GeoTrax On-The-Go Zoo Set $8.XX
Mini stuffed Pooh bear $1.24
Barbies, Bratz and Camp Rock dolls--under $5 (they also had HS musical purse/makeup sets)
handheld electronic games, the ubz animals that interact with nintendo ds, tag books (various prices, around $5)
Elmo dolls $5
Handy Manny plush doll: $2.50 bubbles, chalk and they also had sand molds (set of 3) for $2.98--dinosaurs and butterflies.
Backyard Safari Underground Time Capsul $3.74
Dodge Viper Turbo Wheelie $4.98
Nascar Pit Stop Racers $2.47
Gab and Sing Brobee $4.98
Lego set Indiana Jones Temple Escape $29
Matchbox Snake Valley Transporter set $4.98
Matchbox Power Scouts Adventure System $1.48
Matchbox Lights and Sounds Hard Hat $5
Custom R/C Shop Radio Control Vehicle $5.48
Road Rippers Lights and Sounds Hummer $1.24
Aquadoodle Zip-Bin $5.48
Mold and Play Soap $1.24
"Guess What I Am" game $3.74
Nerf N' Stike Wii $3.74
Spygear Spyder Trap $3.98


Melissa Smith said...

is this in store or on line

Jodi said...

The clearance event is going on in store right now.

Frenzied Family Four said...

There were some 50-75% off online toy deals too.

How often does this happen????

I went tonight but there were mostly empty shelves. Won't make the mistake twice!

Linda said...

I was at the target in Layton and the signs say 30% off but if you look at the price tags they are 75% off. I got some of the singing Camp Rock dolls for $4.75. Great Deal!

Gel said...

I went to Target in Riverdale today. Not thrilled with the selection. Some girls dolls were a decent deal, but I have two boys. :) Signs said 30% and 50% off, but some were marked lower.


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