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Monday, May 3, 2010

Flipbook up to 45 Pages--1.99 Shipped!

Valid for the first 10,000 users, the coupon code ALLYOUMOM will get you a free 5*7 flipbook, up to 45 pages, at All you pay is 1.99 shipping.

  1. Log-in or register at
  2. Create a flipbook up to 45 pages.
  3. Choose the 5*7 size when you generate the book.
  4. Use coupon code ALLYOUMOM to get the book for free. Pay 1.99 shipping.
  5. Hurry! This code's already been out for a while, and it's going to go much more quickly now that frugalites know it's for a 45-page book, not just a 10-page one.


Stephen & Jill Williams said...

How do you know it's available for up to 45 pages? I tried the code and it wouldn't work. It said it was only valid for books up to 10 pages.

Heidi said...

Stephen and Jill: Weird. A lot of folks have been using it for photo books up to 45 pages. I used it just this morning for a 45 page book.

Might wanna try again?

Alicia said...

I just used it and it worked!

Pam said...

It worked and I ordered 3 books but on the 4th it said I'd already used the code! DANG and HOORAY!

Stephen & Jill Williams said...

Nope, still not working for me. I even deleted a photo for just 44 pages. I've never ordered a photo book using this code before. I wonder what I'm doing wrong? I entered ALLYOUMOM. That's the right code, isn't it?

Allison said...

I used it successfully (my book was only 30 pgs long).

Ren said...

not working for me either

Ren said...

The coupon you entered cannot be used with this order. You can enter a different coupon on the billing info page, or continue checking out.

Stephen & Jill Williams said...

I just figured it out. I was ordering a 4x6 flip book instead of 5x7. DUH!

Lovely Lizzy said...

Yeah! Thanks. I'm so excited. I passed the code on to my mom so she could use it for mother's day, and then used it to make my kids a fun book to flip through when I need them to be quiet.

Ann said...

I just ordered SIX of the same 45 page flip book in one transaction for $9.44.
WOOHOO!! Thanks!

Katie Harris said...

I just tried and it didn't work for me. :(

Dev said...

I just used it and ordered 4 10 page books and it worked great!

Lese said...

Just ordered 2-45 page books. Works great. Thanks.

Emilee said...

Just tried to order 45 pg flip book and it didn't work. The coupon info said the coupon code was for a free 10 page flipbook. Too bad for me, i guess.

Lacy said...

Tried 5 times to get it to work. I made 2 different books and still couldn't get it to work. Says it will only do a free 10 page book. Maddening!


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