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Friday, October 2, 2009

FREE Starbucks Coffee, 10/2 to 10/5!

Thanks to PYP Supermod Seabrz57 for this gem:

You probably have heard about this, but...Starbucks has jumped into the instant coffee game. (Is there an instant coffee game?)

Their new “ready brew” is called Starbucks VIA, and they’re guessing you can’t tell the difference between this new stuff and their regular, barista-brewed drip coffee.
So Starbucks is asking customers to take the Ready Brew Taste Challenge! Head to your local Starbucks and they’ll set you up with a sample of Colombia Starbucks VIA and one of just-brewed Pike Place Roast, then ask you to identify which is which. Win or lose, you’ll walk away with a coupon for a free tall brewed coffee to use on your next visit and a coupon for $1 off a VIA purchase. The challenge ends on Oct. 5, so get on over there!

Details & discussion.


Evers' Family Farm said...

You can try Via for free too, you don't have to do the taste taste, just ask for a sample.

The packets are designed for an 8 oz. (or "short") cup and come in Columbian or Italian roast. It's 3packets/$2.95 or 12/$10 so a bit steep still vs. brewing your own.

I found the 8 oz. weak but I like espresso and STRONG French roast. The barista mentioned you could reduce the water or even combine the Via granules straight with warm milk.

If I can figure out a formula I like, I might buy some packets for emergencies. I plan to keep trying it for free until I get a formulation I want to commit too though.


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