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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Walgreens- New years resolution Time :p

Walgreens Jan 3- Jan 9

Transaction #1
Try out this cereal deal! If you're like me and vowed to loose weight this year this is a good jump start:
Kellog's select cereal, 12-18.2 oz
Sale: 2/$5
Buy Kellogg's Special K Cereal, get one FREE, up to $4.49 (has to be Special K Original 12 oz. if this is included)
Pay: $2.50/2 boxes (2/$5 -$2.50 cause of the "get 1 free")
Get: $2 in register rewards
so that's like paying just $0.50 for 2 boxes of Special K!

Transaction #2-

Head and Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner 13.5-14.2oz
Sale Price: $3.99
Use Manufacturer coupon:Head and Shoulders shampoos or conditioners, any excluding trial size $2/1 (1-31-10) PG-12/27
Use Register Rewards: $2 from Kellogg's (you will need something that costs $0.01 or more to be able to use the register reward since the coupon takes the Shampoo down to $1.99)
Pay: Tax!
Rating: *****

It is time for resolutions: here are some deals if you are looking to loose weight:

Alli- 90ct starter kit, includes 30 free
Sale Price: 38.99
Use coupon: Since its 90ct + 30 free its technically 120ct so this coupon may work, but as always YMMV. $10/ 120ct Alli IP Coupon
Pay: $28.99
Get: $9 in register rewards

Alli- 120 ct
Sale price: $59.99
Use coupon: $10/ 120ct Alli IP Coupon
OR Alli Weight Loss Aid, 120 ct or 170 ct $10/1 (2-13-10) LOrealRP-1/3
Pay: $49.99
Get: $10 in register rewards

And some more great deals if you want to quit smoking:

Transaction #1
NicoDerm CQ patches 14pk
Nicorette Gum 100 pk
Commit Lozenges 72pk
Sale: $39.99
Use man coupon: Nicorette 100 ct. or larger, NicoDerm CQ 14 ct. or larger, or Commit 72 ct. or larger $15/1 (2-8-10) LOrealRP-1/3
Pay: 24.99
Get: $10 in Register Rewards
Thats like paying $14.99

Transaction #2
W brand stop smoking products
160- 170pk gum
108 count lozenges
Sale: 34.99
Use store coupon: $10 off Walgreens nicotine gum, 160 or 170 ct or Lozenges 108 count., 2mg or 4mg- This is in the January coupon pamphlet if theres not one by the checkout stand, a clerk should be able to direct you to one.
Use Register Rewards: $10 from Quit smoking transaction #1
Pay: $14.99
Get: $10 in register rewards

With the RR from transaction #2, you can do another Transaction #1 paying just $14.99 and wash rinse repeat.

Check out the Walgreens Forum for even more deals: PYP Walgreens Forum



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