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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stamp Out Hunger, Sat. May 9th + Contest

Donating to one's local food bank or communtiy food pantry is easy through this prgram.

1. Simply place non-perishable food items in a grocery sack (many letter carriers already have providied these) by your mailbox on Sat. May 9th.
2. Your letter carrier will pick up your sack and others in your neighbhood to be delievered to your local food bank. Here they will stay in our to help feed our own.

To help out our local food banks and be sure that our postal carriers have something to pick up today, PYP's blog is having a little contest. SHARE YOUR STORIES! In the comment section today!

The best story of donation, whether funny, original, crazy or just heartfelt will be our winner. Usual PYP rules apply with a few more, incl:

*must be a PYP member with at least 25 posts
*the incident/story must be told here (Not forums) in the comment section of this blog entry
*no obscene language, profanity, tall tales, etc.
*story must be TRUE
*story must be from this year
*a team of judges made up from PYP food bank experts will be making the final call
*all decisions are final
*deadline for submission is Sunday 12 noon MDT

There will be 3 prizes (small but FUN!)

1st- $15 Target Gift card
2nd- $10 Albertsons Gift card
3rd- $5 Target Gift Card

Good luck and lets open our hearts and our usable food storage!


Norah said...

A couple of weeks ago I was rounding up food to donate when one of my kids asked what I was doing. I told them I was donating to the people who can not buy food. He stops and thinks about it for about one minute then runs off. I'm thinking oh well he is a little young to understand when I hear my husband calling for me. My child had decided to go through the freezer and cupboards looking for the foods he does not like to give to those who can't buy food. When asked why he says, "Maybe they would be hungry enough to eat this crap you feed me."

KS said...

I got my bag of food ready Friday morning and set it by the door. I had company coming to stay over and knew I would forget if it wasn't by the door. I set it out this morning in hopes that as people saw my bag hanging on the mailbox, that they would also remember to set out their bags. My kids love to help me find food out of our cupboards that we can donate. I'm always impressed with them when they are willing to share some of their favorites to help others that are not as fortunate.

Holly said...

We decided to donate a case of spaghetti o's that we bought at the last caselot sale and I was gonna drop it off at the mailbox on my way to work (our mailboxes are on the other side of the complex), but when I was walking out the door my husband said he would walk it over to the mailboxes and take our 3 yr old daughter with him so she would understand why we are doing it. It was cute!

Heidi said...

I'm so thankful there are people who come to my house and help me rotate my food storage. I took Thursday afternoon to go through and rotate the canned goods that a-we don't use or b- will go bad before we can get to them. The Stamp out hunger food drive has been part of my rotation plan for years now. I love having a way to help others while cleaning out and making room for things we will use.
I'm glad I know the next deal is around the corner and I can stock back up.

JulieE. said...

I too got my bags ready Friday so I wouldn't forget to donate. It's so nice having pyp to help make it possible for me to donate. Because I get such great deals I can donate probably 4-5 times more than I would be able to otherwise. It's great to know that I'm helping others out in their difficult times, especially now when there are so many people in need. I used to only donate really cheap things like ramen and maybe some tomato sauce or veggies, but now I'm able to donate things that I know will be enjoyed-cereal, snacks, peanut butter and more. I am trying to donate to the food bank more often and between the scout food drive, stamp out hunger food drive it's kept me up on donating. Just after Christmas we were able to go through our food storage and pull out things we wouldn't be able to use as well as things I had overstocked on and donate 324 pounds of food to the food bank. I know that this food went to families who really needed it and that it's a small thing I can do to help the community.

Chantel said...

I forgot all about this until this morning when I was cleaning and saw the plastic bag underneath something. I hurriedly looked through my cupboards for something to donated. Everything I pulled out was either expired (apparently we've been eating a lot of expired food because I don't check the labels that closely for us but I know the food bank can not take expired food) or my husband wouldn't let me give it. He's on a really strict diet and there's only a few things in tne house he can actually eat. I finally managed to come up with some things. Ran outside in my PJ's, barefoot, cut my foot on the way. I'm a podiatrist and generally advise against this!! I was so flustered by my foot that I put the bag inside the mailbox. A few hours later while riding the Heber Creper I realized that I had not put the flag up on the mailbox and I worried the whole way home that we wouldn't have any mail today and the postman wouldn't know to pull the food out of the box and not take the food. Luckily we had mail (bills as usual) and he got the food!!!

Kadie said...

I have been posting all over my facebook this past week to remind people to donate food. I collected 2 HUGE bags in my house which also included bath products like toothpaste and deoderent as well. I'm sure they could use those items as well. I had called the post office to ask if i could bring in donations later because i thought some friends would give me their food to drop off, but they didnt =). I decided that the 2 bags were not enough, so I started looking on PYP for deals this week. I saw that cereal would be 47 cents a box!!! Usually they are a couple dollars a box! So I went out and bought over 20 boxes of Kelloggs cereal and then i bought 6 boxes of capri suns and then loaded them up in my car. Some people had asked me what all the cereal was for, I explained that it was for donation for Stamp out Hunger that was for the next day from the post office. I then went to the post office friday at 4:30, which by the way was so busy. I didnt want this food to melt or sit in the hot sun all day. So I waited to be helped and then told the guy I had a lot of food to donate and needed 2 baskets. He was busy since it was friday, so i told him i could load everything up myself i just wanted the baskets behind on their side so no one would come by and think free food. So I would load up a basket, he would see me, and then he would come to the little door. After he took the second basket, he was in shock that I went out of my way to buy a gabillion boxes of cereal for their food drive. Some people might think I'm crazy to go out and BUY food for a food drive. Honestly I feel that my using deals and coupons gave more food, 47 cents a box for name brand cereal! Shessh! I feel that anytime people ask for a small donation when its for hunger, that i should donate. If I saved money, then i can donate money for hungry children as well when at the checkout. It would be SO selfish if i went got a basket full of groceries for 10$ and saved 100$ and couldnt even donate a couple bucks. I feel that we all did a great job since we all donated and wish the usps would do this twice a year!

Steff said...

My husband was laid off from his job a couple months ago and (miraculously!) we have been doing okay financially even though he hasn't had any luck finding a new job yet. During this time, we have had three surprise, anonymous deliveries to our porch consisting of bags and bags of groceries. Like I said, we are doing decent and really didn't need all this extra food. (we are just a small family of four). Especially since I have my food storage built up from PYP deals! :) I felt pretty bad that someone spent so much money on things we didn't need and wished they would have done it for someone that really needed it. So, I sorted through all the stuff and put the non-perishable items in a closet by my pantry and planned to find someone who might need it. Then I heard about this food drive and actually remembered (thanks to PYP reminders) and I was able to fill up quite a few big bags full of food to donate. I noticed a few other bags out there too when I dropped mine off. It made me feel good to pay it forward after people had been so kind to us. I hope they got a lot of food to help those in need. We all go through hard times in our lives and I know firsthand how wonderful it feels when others reach out and help you when you are down.

stacirai said...

Approximately ten years ago, I worked at a Northern Utah food pantry. I can tell you first hand that the food programs depend heavily on the Mail carrier food drive and the boy scout food drive. My children would occasionally go to work with me on Saturdays and they were able to witness those in need being able to take boxes of food home to feed their families. My oldest is now grown and out on his own. He came over on Saturday and saw the bags of food by my mailbox and promptly went home to get his bags out. I am thankful for PYP because it has enabled me to be able to get screaming deals so that I have more to share with others. Thanks PYP!

Diane Harris said...

I'm afraid I didn't donate to Stamp Out Hnger this year. My sister's husband lost his job a couple months ago, so I decided to do my donation directly to them. I called my sister and told her I had cleaned out my pantry and had a case of soup for them. When she came over, I had enough groceries pulled for them that it filled their entire car. I felt like the message the post office was trying to promote was to donate to someone in need, so that's what I did--just through a different avenue!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the long response, but the contest is officially closed. A 3rd party judge is reading these as we speak. She is a moderator at PYP, but has worked HARD daily to fill the shelves of food banks and church pantries.

The winners will be announced after 10 PM, MDT TONIGHT. TIA for playing!

Anonymous said...

I apologize for the delay in announcing the winning posts (My net has been down for the past 16+ hrs! Qwest is the most reliable, my butt!). All were great posts and so many will be touched by your generosity! Thank you!

Only 3 prizes can be awarded, though. Our guest judge awarded places to:

1st- Norah, $20 Target 2nd- Chantal, $10 Albies Gift Card
3rd- JulieE, $5 Target Gift Card

Please PM your NAZ, and I'll get your GC mailed out to you within 24 hrs (I finally have stamps ;o)


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