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Monday, May 25, 2009

Couponese 102: Social and trading PYP lingo

Earlier we talked about basic coupon-related lingo. This post addresses lingo that appears in the PYP forums, but isn't necessarily related specifically to couponing. Between these two posts, you should be able to decipher any forum post.

Terms related to PYP and how it functions

Admin: Any of the three administrators or owners of PYP: Thad, Karin and Shelley.
BRB: Be right back, a term used in the chat room.
Bump: Making a short post, often just using the word "bump," to cause that post to appear that the top of the forum page. Threads are usually bumped by people who have listed items in the "classifieds" section and want to remind people that those items are still available, or by an admin or moderator who wants to remind people of a rule or regulation-related thread.
Mod: Moderator

Terms related to coupon trading and discussion

BRU: Babies-R-Us coupon
BTFE: Box tops for education certificate found on General Mills packages.
CGS: Carnation Good Star formula coupon
CKS: Formula checks, discount checks sent through the mail by formula companies.
CRT: Cash register tape or receipt, often required to complete a rebate.
DCRT: Dated cash register tape, often required to complete a rebate.
DCRTC: Dated cash register tape with the price circled, often required to complete a rebate.
DND: Do not double, indicating that that coupon being discussed has a "do no double" instruction at the top of it.
ECB: Extra care bucks. Customer rewards at CVS pharmacies. Learn more here.
Feedback: A thread where PYPers who have traded with each other can leave feedback regarding how well the trade went. Each trader has his or her own feedback thread.
FL: Food Lion.
Free-standing inserts: The actual inserts that contain the weekly coupons. The three major free-standing insert types are Smart Source, Redplum, and Procter and Gamble.
FSOT: For sale or trade.
FT: For trade.
G/C: Gift card or gift certificate.
H: Haves. The "H:" preceding a list of coupong indicates that these are the coupons the person has and is willing to trade.
HBA: Health and beauty items or the health and beauty section of a store.
HDA: Hot deal alert.
HT: Harris teeter.
IDSO: In dire search of. The person really wants a particular coupon.
IP: Internet printable.
ISO: In serach of. The person would like to trade for a particular coupon.
IVDSO: The person really really wants a particular coupon.
KRU: Kids R Us coupon.
LED: Long expiration date. The coupon under discussion has a longer than average expiration date.
LTD: Usually referring to quantity available or quanitity eligible for discount or rebate.
NAZ: Name, address, zip code, describing what information a person needs in order to mail a coupon or rebate.
NED: No expiration date.
Nfp: Refund form found in newspaper.
NT WT: Net weight.
OAS: A coupon that is good on all sizes.
OOP: Out of pocket cost. What someone paid for their deal.
OSI: On a single item.
POP: Proof of purchase, usually the receipt or barcode.
PPHF: Paypal handling fee, a fee paid through paypal, usually for someone's time and effort in gathering, clipping, and mailing coupons.
Printables: Coupons you can print from the Internet
PTS: Points off of packages.
Q: Qualifier. The proof of purchase (POP) that is on the packaging of the item itself.
RAOK: Random act of kindness. Giving a coupon away.
RP: Redplum (formerly Valassis) coupon insert.
SASE: Self-addressed stamped envelope.
SCR: Single check rebates offered by RiteAid
SF: Store form. A rebate form found in the store rather than the newspaper.
SMP: Specially marked packages.
SS: SmartSource coupon insert.
Super doubles: When a store will double coupons that are greater than one dollar in value.
Sweeps: Sweepstakes form.
T/L or H/L or H: Things you have for trade.
TMF: Try me free.
Triple coupon (triples): When a store will triple a coupon's value.
TRU: Toys are us.
UPC: Universal product code.
W: Want. Coupons the person wants to trade for.
W/C: With coupon
W/L: Wish list. Coupons the person wants to trade for.
WD: Winn Dixie
WSL: While supplies last.
WYB: When you buy.
YMMV: Your mileage may vary. An offer's success is variable.

Terms commonly used in social discussion
BFF: Best friends (forever)
B/D/S/F/MIL: Brother/daughter/sister/son/father/mother-in-law
Cherry-pickers or cherry-picking: Purchasing only the lowest priced items at the best deals, often shopping at multiple stores in order to "cherry-pick" them all.
DD: Dear daughter
DH: Dear husband
DS: Dear son
DW: Dear wife (we use these terms to reference family members even if they're not particularly dear at the moment).
DR: Dave Ramsey, a personal finance expert whose advice and methods some PYP members, particularly in the financial support group (FSG), discuss and follow.
ETA: Edited to add. The person added additional comments to their original post.
Forum: Where threads are organized by topic groups.
FSG: Financial support group forum on PYP.
FWIW: For what it's worth.
FYI: For your information.
GF or BF: Boyfriend or girlfriend.
HTH: Hope this helps, usually accompanying information or explanation a person has given in response to another poster's query.
IMHO (IMO): In my (honest) opinion.
LMK: Let me know.
LOL: Laugh out loud.
OOP: Out of pocket or what someone paid for their deal.
OP: Original post, or original poster.
PLMK: Please let me know.
PM: (noun) a private message (verb) to send someone a private message
Post: Comment or new thread made in the PYP forums.
PP: Purchase price.
PYP: Pinchng Your Pennies website
PYPers: PYP members
ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing
Siggy: User's signature line that automatically appears beneath each of their posts.
Thread: A series of posts all displayed in linear fashion in which PYPers discuss a particular topic.
SO: Significant other.
TIA: Thanks in advance.
TMI: Too much information. This term is usually used to warn other PYPers that the thread contains information of a more-than-usually personal, medical, biological, or sexual nature.
TTYL: Talk to you later. Used in the PYP chat room.
WB: Welcome back. Used in the PYP chat room.



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