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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Clearance at Target

Please Note: This is the third article (3 of 4) in a series about post Holiday clearance shopping. Part 1 & Part 2

When I teach coupon classes, the most requested non-coupon question(s) I receive is about Target and Target clearance shopping, in particular. What I am about to share can and will save you lots of money, not to mention is actually fun.

(I will cover day-to-day Clearance shopping at Target in another article as I want to keep this one focused on Christmas shopping, solely.)

Many retail stores are unpredictable, disorganized and plain boring when it comes to Christmas markdowns, but NOT Target. And that is what helps make its clearance one of the most shopped around.

Why Target Christmas Clearance is the best around:

Target Holiday markdowns are chain wide and happen automatically in the computer system. This automation allows Target shoppers in Utah or California to know if Holiday clearance has been lowered to 75% or 90% off as shoppers in Florida who have experienced the sale, will share on Pinching Your Pennies (PYP) the great news about lower prices and greater savings, not to mention some of the hidden gems found. Members of PYP are awesome to do this and share the great news. So be sure to visit PYP's Screaming Deals Around Town sub-forum each morning to see the latest updates.

Rumored Markdown Dates of Christmas Clearance:
*Dec 26- Jan1- 50%
*Jan 2- Jan 6- 75%
*Jan 7- 90%

Seasoned Targeteers know that Target Christmas Clearance won’t be just in the seasonal area.
- Be sure to check around the entire store.
- Check all endcaps
- Check in each aisle
- When in doubt, scan!
- Combine sales/clearances with manufacturer's or Target store coupons when one gets the chance. See printable coupons. This year, there are coupons for candy that can save one even more money.

Unexpected Christmas Clearance items found throughout the store from years past.

Check it all. Every aisle.

Anything with a holiday box, label, wrapping, of any sort.
Christmas candies, cookies, gift pack food.
Print the candy coupons so you are armed and ready!

The gift packs of lotions and potions.
Hair ribbons, bow, headbands, barrettes etc.

Seasonal pet clothes.
Holiday gift packs or Santa stocking with chews, toys etc.

Holiday sheets, table cloths, napkins, table runners, placemats, napkin rings etc.
Holiday bath towels, kitchen towels, mitts, etc.
Holiday throws, pillows, doormats.

House wares:
Dinnerware, glassware, serving pieces
Kids plastic dinnerware
Tabletop kitchen appliances like the roaster oven.

Shirts, pajamas, t-shirts.
Robes, house shoes.

***ALSO – boxed seasonal gifts in tins or the red pre-priced boxes.

Socks, mittens, scarves, gloves, totes, wallets, belts etc.

All sorts of costume jewelry! Possibly even Christmas watches.
Large stand-up jewelry boxes are usually on clearance.

Paper Goods:
Plates, napkins, also while there, go around the corner and look for candles.
Christmas photo albums, scrap booking kits etc.
Christmas cards

All Christmas decorations, trees, wrapping, ribbons, outdoor decorations.
Outdoor electrical extension cords, light hanging clips, etc.

Christmas Clearance is but one type of clearance shopping at Target. Later, I will address the best methods of Clearance shopping at Target on a daily basis. And yes, one could clearance shop there everyday and find great bargains.


Lauralee said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Target!!! Thanks, as always, for sharing such wonderful info!!!


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