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Monday, August 17, 2009

25 Photo Prints for .25

Walgreens is offering 25 photo prints for .25 today!

  1. Go to Walgreens' photo page.
  2. Register or log-in. (If this is your first time registering, you'll receive an additional 25 prints for free just for signing up.)
  3. Upload 25 photos.
  4. Choose in-store pickup to avoid shipping charges.
  5. Use coupon code "PENNY" while checking out. (If using all caps doesn't work for you, try it in lowercase.)
  6. Pay just .25 when you go to pick up your photos!


Anonymous said...

I have never had my digital photos developed... (only had my digital camera for 3 months) Dose walgreens do a good job? Do they print in matt? Not a big fan of glossy :)


Natalie said...

For 25 cents I'll give it a shot!

Cheryl said...

I like Walgreens Photo for the single reason that they print 4" x 5.3". This is where they cut the paper shorter instead of cropping the top and bottom of your image. LOVE IT.

Heidi said...

Yes, I think they do a good job, S.
Natalie: I think you'll be pleased.
Cheryl: Yes. I love that they do that as well.

Marybeth Lemon said...

I only use Walgreens Photo because they are always having online specials so that I NEVER pay more than 10 cents a print. This is obviously a GREAT deal.

Angie and J.D. said...

Thanks! What a great deal! The 25 extra for the new account didn't work me though (it's alright though. I am excited about the 25 for 25 cents)

Emily said...

Awesome deal! Also, in case any of you are interested, Inkleys has a deal every tuesday and wednesday. 7 cents a photo (for digital prints that are 4x6)

Alison said...

I like using Walgreens, but for this deal, you cannot get the matte finish unless you pay .12 cents per photo...ends up not being a good deal if you are picky like me and have to have matte finish! :(


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