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Friday, February 20, 2009

UT Albertsons Menu for week 2/18 to 2/24

An inferior Salt Lake City based coupon website that is really more of mockery couponing in a green apron suggests a weekly menu. However the menu is not only lacking in nutritional value and taste, it simply is lacking period. For example, a suggested lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches will be lacking bread. HUH? Yeah, no bread!

So let me offer you a more comprehensive, nutritionally sound, tasty and frugal menu created around the Utah Albertson's shopping list from Pinching Your Pennies for only $60!

***Please note that prices shown reflect final sale prices from PYP's printable Albertson's shopping list the week of 2/18 to 2/24.

Day 1~
Breakfast: General Mills Cereal (GM sale item), milk
Lunch: Progresso Soup (2 cans, GM sale item) side salad (1/2 bag) dressing from food storage
Dinner: Hamburgers (save 1 ½ lb for Day 2 lunch), Albies Chips, grapes

Day 2~
Breakfast: Muffins (GM sale item), Sliced Apples
Lunch: Grand Biscuit (GM sale item) Sliders, Albie chips
Dinner: Pork Shoulder Roast (save some for Day 4 dinner), Baked Potatoes, Del Monte Veggies- Corn & Green Beans

Day 3~
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs & Grand Biscuits (GM sale item), Bananas
Lunch: Shopper Value Mac n Cheese (2 boxes), ½ lb grapes
Dinner: Baked Chicken Thighs, Sauted Tomatoes & Zucchini, Side Salad w/Dressing (from food storage)

Day 4~
Breakfast: General Mills Cereal (GM sale item), Milk, Welchs Grape Juice
Lunch: Progresso Soup (GM sale item), Grilled Cheese & Tomato Sandwiches, Sliced Oranges
Dinner: Carnita Tacos, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans

Day 5~
Breakfast: Toaster Strudels (GM sale item), sliced oranges & bananas
Lunch: Tuna Sandwiches, sliced apples
Dinner: Mini pizzas, fruit salad


Shopping List (click on it for more details)

Recipes for menu items above available upon request.


BenJenKids said...

thank you for all your work. This is great work that you do. I've never liked the green apron and will swear to anyone that they need to read PYP faithfully. Those who have agree!!

Unknown said...

I agree! This is a great site. Thanks again for such a great service!


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