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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Get the best price on perishables and produce.....EVERY WEEK!

Perishables grocery items like meat, dairy, and produce can be budget busters. In the Utah's Screaming Deals forum at PYP, you'll find a compiled list of all the best prices on meat, produce, milk, cheese, butter, eggs, bread and more. This list is updated every Wednesday by Tressa, a moderator and volunteer at PYP. She compiles the prices of perishable items from the weekly ads into one list so shoppers can compare prices at a glance and decide which store or stores best fits their needs for the week. The link to the Best Prices on Perishables thread changes weekly, but it can always be found in the Utah's Screaming Deals forum. This link will take you to the list for the current week.


Anonymous said...

I cant seem to find the current weeks (7/6-7/13) best price list. Where is it in the forum?


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